About Kamdhenu Gau Amrita

Kamdhenu Gau Amrita (KGA) is a MSME Industry and it is not only for the profit but also wants big change in the environment as well as in the Society.

MSME NO : GJ24A0053976


Mission: We believe that Kamdhenu Gau Amrita is not a business organization but rather a platform for budding village entrepreneurs which helps them realize their dreams.


Vision: As human beings we greatly believe in uplifting our countrymen and what better place than our villages to start off with. It is our great vision and passion to produce village entrepreneurs through our Kamdhenu Products which will lead to change attitudes, lives, and, ultimately, the world.

Key Action by Kamdhenu Gau Amrita

Kamdhenu Gau Amrita are using cow dung for making cow dung Products like Diya, Pot, Vedic Rakhi, Ganesh Murti, Pen Stand, Wall watch and most important Cow Dung Sticks which is better option than woods and its help for save the environments.


Better Environments: Cow Dung can be a concern of the production of methane, Methane is a very powerful greenhouse gas, however to receive optimum benefits, methane can be captured and used to provide electricity to buildings. It can also provide power to garbage trucks.

Burning of methane causes two molecules of oxygen to be produced along with one molecule of carbon dioxide, and two molecules of water.

Fulfilled our Save Cow Moto: This solution will also prevent the trafficking and or trade of cows. Domesticating these cows requires power.

Entrepreneurship Platform for Farmers: This increases job opportunities for taking care of cows, extracting cow dung and this will also result in close relationships with farmers as the demand for grazing crops increases.

This creates many job opportunities for the youth and even for those who are unemployed. Moreover, obtaining cow dung is easier than cutting down trees and is an employment opportunity for many.

Products and Initiative

Cow Dung Logs: Conventionally firewood, electricity, or LPG gas is used for cremation purposes. Indian people mostly prefer traditional products for cremation e.g. wooden logs and dried cow dung logs. Compared to firewood and other alternatives, cremation using cow dung logs cost less. By using different sizes of the die, logs of different shapes and sizes can be made easily.


Produced logs are then put under the sunlight to dry out the moisture inside them, making them hard and sturdy. There are several economic, social, and environmental advantages of using cow dung logs. Cow Dung Logs can be used for Fuel and Manure. simplifies Handling, Storage, and Transportation problems economically, reduces wastage or loss of material. For Fuel other agro residue powder coal can be added to get improved C.V. Dandified logs give better C.V. (Calorific Value) in comparison to patties.


Long and small logs can be cut out as per the purpose. Briquettes and blocks are an effective way to reduce the risk of explosion and fire of fast flammable material. It is easily available, unlimited, and low-cost fuel.

Gau Mutra: Cow urine is believed to have disinfecting properties and is also considered to be of divine value.



Pot: With the pots that will be made from cow dung, it will add benefits for the plant as there is high nitrogen content as well as other vital nutrients for the plant, Saplings can be planted in Pot and it can be also planted along with pot so not required for any fertilizer.


Vedic Rakhi: It’s made from cow dung, which will fill your brother with positive energy by tying it on his hand on the holy occasion of Raksha Bandhan.


Diya: A lamp made of cow dung will fill life with oxygen and light, an atmosphere of positive energy will be created.


Ganpati Murti: It's a better option than PoP and Clay Murti and Eco-friendly Ganpati Murti are completely eco-friendly made from Cow Dung and Edible Gum. By immersing these Idols in rivers it acts as food for fishes also if we immerse it at home, the dissolved material can be used as fertilizer, we can say it is a gift from Nature.